Enprise offers a range of MYOB Exo (formerly know as Exo-net, Exonet6, Exonet and now MYOB Exo) Business and MYOB Advanced software packages which provide customisable accountancy solutions for your business. Products include CRM, ERP & Payroll software – All you need for business financial management & accounting.

A Leader in Cloud Computing

Enprise Solutions is a cloud business software company that is the leading trans-Tasman provider of solutions based on the MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo software platforms. Enprise Solutions offers cloud options for every piece of software it sells, including a broad range of companion products to extend the power of the the MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo platforms. The company supports around 750 MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo customers across Australia and New Zealand. The company is a division of Enprise Group, which was listed on the NZAX in December 2014. Read more >


Elliot's Blog

Golden rules for smaller businesses that want to make it big

Blog: Elliot Cooper, CEO – Enprise Group. Most of the successful businesses that I see have one common element: they have business systems that can readily scale up to serve a much larger company. 

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End-of-financial-year special offer: get up to 20 percent off MYOB licences

To celebrate the End of Financial Year, MYOB is offering existing customers up to 20 percent off MYOB Exo licences, and 10 percent off MYOB Advanced licences. This offer is available from Thursday 25 May 2017, through to close of business Tuesday 27 June 2017 (conditions apply).

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Case Studies

‘Big leap’ pays off for Vadacom

Vadacom ‘Big leap’ pays off for Vadacom

Vadacom, a leading provider of VoIP telephony solutions for business, is using Enprise and MYOB Advanced to manage deferred revenue, substantially reduce stock leakage and assess the profitability of projects. It has also used Advanced to tighten up business processes.